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Our Mission

Credo’s mission is to cherry-pick, plan and develop real estate investment opportunities into stable and minimalized-risk projects, while preserving attractive returns.

Our Team

Ultimately, a company is as strong as the team who drives it. Credo's management brings a vast array of experience and connections to the table. Their long-standing experience in real estate development, finance and real estate law, along with their incredible network, provide investors with an unparalleled reach into Europe’s most strategic markets. Since 2006, our management team’s collective experience accounts for over €100 Million in asset value and over 150,000 SQM.

Yinon Cohen

A decade ago, following several years in the banking industry and the financial markets, including the position of analyst and licensed portfolio manager, Yinon turned to the real estate industry. Using his financial knowledge and banking experience to the business of real estate development, he operated mainly in central and west Europe: Acting in the real estate markets for over 10 years in Poland and Germany, he established a local operation which identifies, purchase and financing quality assets. Yinon is specializing in the development and optimization of assets, including construction projects towards profitable exit side by side with the management of an active portfolio of assets.

Daniel Rozovsky

In his previous position, Daniel served as Executive VP of Investments and Business Development and a member of the board of directors of Odar Group - one of the strongest private real estate income producing and investment companies in Israel. Daniel led the opening of new markets in Eastern Europe, Germany and the US, and managed all the investments and real estate activities of the Group abroad. In addition, he was responsible for all the Group's investment activities in the local capital market.Daniel brings many years of expertise in identifying business opportunities, managing complex negotiations, analyzing and evaluating feasibility, financing, and making purchases on a large scale.

One Stop Shop

We keep the main activities which are crucial for efficient management in-house.

Our management company is performing the property management, as well as in-house rental operation (short-term and long-term).

This way we are always hands-on and able to optimize each property in our portfolio.

Magda Ropelewska

Magda is running the office in Warsaw and managing the short rental operation in the city.

Magda acquired vast experience in the process of real estate transaction and management of residential units.

Elmas Simsek

Elmas managing the office in Berlin and the Managing Director of the property management company.

Growing with the company in the last years, Elmas got experienced in all the aspects of tenants and property management as well as the permitting and renovation process in Germany.

Real estate as it used to be.

We believe real estate is about securing a solid deal, and that’s why we prefer making better quality deals – even if it means we close fewer deals overall.
We believe one should always promise less than you can deliver. The market may indeed boom, and when it does, we will help investors glean all they can. But you also need a business plan that will yield profit under normal – or even harsh – market conditions, and this is where Credo has proven to shine.
Each of us believes an investor can’t be expected to put their money where we wouldn’t put our own. The opportunities we find are ones we’d gladly take ourselves.
Dishonesty is bad business. Investors are family, and they deserve to work with an entirely accurate, straightforward assessment.

These were once the values widely practiced across real estate.
And that’s why Credo believes real estate should be done as it used to be.

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